About Me

Born in the beautiful but noisy city of Lagos, Nigeria, 3rty continually surprised parents and teachers due to his extreme quietness. Speaking only a few words and always in a soft voice, it was understandable that he had a lot of difficulty making friends and eventually grew accustomed to spending time alone. That was until he came across his father’s collection of music CDs and began to listen to some records. Soon, listening to music became a favorite pastime of his and he became particularly attracted to the music of acts like ABBA, Kenny Rogers and Barry White.

He discovered that he not only enjoyed listening to music but that the songs had the ability to deeply affect the way he felt, making him feel emotions like joy, sorrow, longing, anger and serenity. All he had to do was close his eyes and let the emotions wash over him. He often came out of such sessions with tears in his eyes.

After discovering FL Studio and the ability to create music from home, he decided to try making music that would touch the hearts of others the way his was touched. He began to write and record songs and soon enough, his music began to draw people to him and he began to make friends. And so music became his go to means of expressing himself.

While in the university, a friend introduced him to the Afrobeats music of Fela Kuti. He was greatly charmed by the rhythmic groove of indigenous African instruments and how simple language like pidgin English could be used to pass a profound message.

Thus, he decided to infuse the emotion invoking style of Soul and Jazz Music with the message-passing ease of Afro Beats and soon discovered his own style of Afro Soul Music. He began work on a project to see how well he could use a simple message to give people a different feeling with each song.

This effort culminated in the release of his debut EP titled Magic in April 2016. The music affected his listeners so profoundly that they began to call him ‘Babalawo’ which is a Yoruba word for a herbalist or witch doctor.

In May 2017, 3rty released a joint album with Kid MARLEY called The Grey Area which has gone on to have over 500,000 plays on Spotify alone.

After following that with a slew of singles that birthed fan favorites like Miss Africana and Feeling, 3rty is set to release an EP titled Blue Crystal which he says is dedicated to the Divine Feminine.